Who we are
Crypt kiddie is a private community of crypto enthousiasts, sharing their experience and knowledge.
Our current fields of interest are:
  • Crypto Trading: both manually as well as automated; mainly on Poloniex and Bittrex.
  • Crypto Arbitrage: on multiple exchanges
  • Crypto Mining using NiceHash on GPU and ASIC
  • Crypto ICO investing: using IcoRating and internal discussions
How we work
There's plenty of great crypto and charting tools already on the market. However, most of the good ones are paid services using monthly subscriptions.
At cryptkiddie, we provide a few trading & charting tools that are excellent for short- and longterm trading.
  • Poloniex lending bot (without extra fees)
  • Trade bots
  • Poloniex analysis
  • Poloniex alt status
  • Bittrex alt status
  • Exchange spread analyzer (WIP)
Contact us
Are you interested in joining the community ? Contact us